The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle


The story tells of the journey of a seed carried by the wind. Some of the other seeds perish due to where they land such as; weeds taking over, not enough water, landing in the ocean, etc. The Tiny Seed, however, is lucky and lands in a perfect spot and grows to become a huge flower and, in turn, produce a new bunch of seeds.


A sensitively told story, with many scientific links to growing and plant life.
The vocabulary is suitable for children of all ages. The simplicity of the text, along with lovely drawings that we have come to expect from Eric Carle, allows for children to also enjoy independently.

Inspiration for activities 

1) Children act out the seeds journey.images-7

2) Children change the story so that the seed goes on a different journey, to different places and  create a story map.

3) Using real seeds and other objects, children create a collage of the seed’s journey.

4) Children write a “fact-line” (fold a sheet of paper, to create boxes in a line, each box has a new fact) about how seeds grow.

5) Create a poster about the conditions that are needed to grow the best flower.

6) Create a dance to show the journey that the seed went on, with one (or two?) child(ren) as the Tiny Seed and the other children as parts of the journey.

7) Discuss around the need for taking care of plants and our environment.

Why are plants necessary?

How do we take care of the planet?

How can we ensure people understand the importance of plants?

Can we choose where we grow up?


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